stucco repair around newly installed window

Howdy guys and gals, The home owner installed a few new windows around the home. I was hired to repair the new stucco with a new stucco finish to match the existing stucco finish. I have completed about 500 to 1000 window patches in may years and haven’t found one that I couldn’t match. Some do take me a bit longer than others but I blend in window very well. Thanks for reading and have a groovy day!
kirk Giordano plastering

crack repair, La Habra color coat finishes

Howdy folks, these photos show my crew and I applying a LaHabra color coat maintenance free finish to this beautiful home. The home owners changed about 15 windows. we did all the stucco patchwork and then applied the color finish, Thanks for reading and have a groovy day!
kirk Giordano Plastering

3 coat stucco systems.

Acrylic Stucco, Acrylic color coat finish

Howdy folks, in these pictures it shows step by step applications of a stucco acrylic finish coat being applied. We did the complete home more than 15 years ago, and then returned 10 years later after a new foundation was installed. We again applied a new stucco system to the lower perimeter of the home. In these pictures we are now applying an acrylic stucco finish to the new garage, so it matches the color and texture of the home.
Thank you for reading and have a groovy day!
Kirk Giordano plastering

New Stucco home, re-plaster existing stucco home

Plastering and stucco Repair

new Color Coat over painted stucco, new color finish

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Color Coat, La HaBra color finish, Parex stucco Finish

LaHabra Santa Barbara Mission Finish