We are located in Alameda Ca. next door to Oakland ca. We specialize in stucco remodels, stucco add ons, stucco additions, lath scratch and brown coats with stucco finishes to match your existing finish or just stucco patch repairs,

Howdy folks, as teachers, also our videos show you how we apply stucco or plaster. It takes on average 5 to 10 years of hands-on training to learn to apply Stucco or plaster. Stucco & plastering material knowledge usually about 15 years of training to be well educated in plastering. This video is long. Skip through it, the idea is to let you folks know my family and I are familiar with the plastering trade.

If you require stucco repairs, we specialize in lath, plastering, and exterior stucco. You build it; we stucco it, additions remodels, patchwork such as “you install a new door and windows” we repair the stucco expertly back to normal with a finish to match your existing walls. Plaster Skim coating concrete or CMU blocks walls no problem.

If you are in Alameda, Oakland, or the surrounding area, call me at my Home/Office (510) 521-9546 or email at, kirkgiordano@gmail.com/

Or you may call my son Jason Giordano for repairs, such as patchwork, plastering newly built room additions. Jason’s specialty is prepping and applying new integrated color stucco finishes over old failing painted stucco surfaces. Thus removing bad patchwork, such as when amateurs try to stucco the perimeters of their newly installed windows.😉

FYI, integrated stucco colors are 70 times as think as painting for about the same cost.

Jason’s cell number is 510 207-0252 or e-mail at jasonjgiordano@gmail.com

Or try Andy Davis with Davis stucco. Andy is an excellent plastering company. 

You can reach him at 510 5649-9911 or http://www.davisstucco.com

I bid and complete about 80% of repairs by pictures alone. Plus, this saves the planet from excess gas, travel time, wear and tear on roads, and my truck. Get your cell phone out, snap a few pictures, and email them to me for faster bids.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful day,
Kirk Giordano Plastering in Alameda, next door to Oakland, Ca. Home/Office (510) 521-9546 or