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Howdy folks! As applicators, our videos show you how we apply stucco or plaster. It takes, on average, 5 to 10 years of hands-on training to learn to apply stucco or plaster.

Stucco & plastering material knowledge usually requires about 15 years of training to be well-educated in plastering. Feel free to use our videos to learn to lath and anything else; we are happy to take over any work previously started and complete the brown coats, finish coats, or texturing. So save the dough; do what you can! We will finish it up for you.

We specialize in lath, plastering, and exterior stucco. You build it; we stucco it! Such as additions, remodels, and patchwork. If you install new doors and windows, we repair the stucco expertly back to normal with a finish to match your existing walls.

 We also stucco over concrete, bricks, and block walls too.
Contact us if you are in the East Bay area, such as Oakland, Berkley, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, or the surrounding area!

My fiancée lives in Martinez, and I have become quite fond of this neighborhood, as the above video explains. My Home/Office is (510) 521-9546. Please see my email link to send inquiries and pictures.

Please call my son Jason Giordano for the same repairs mentioned above. We’ve been working together for over 15 years. Jason’s cell number is 510 207-0252 

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