Color Coating, re-coloring a home

Hello Folks, in this gallery we show before, during, and after pictures of us color coating a home. Color coats are an affordable way to drastically improve the appearance of your home. Now, they may cost more upfront than painting your home but they are PERMANENT. You do not need to redo this finish every 5-10 years, thereby saving you a ton of money of the life of your home.

A color coat finish is only as good as the preparation that goes into it though. For examples of this, please see some of our color coat videos, showing the step by step process of how we complete our work.

Stucco Repair Around Newly Installed Window

Howdy guys and gals, The home owner installed a few new windows around the home. I was hired to repair the new stucco with a new stucco finish to match the existing stucco finish. I have completed about 500 to 1000 window patches in may years and haven’t found one that I couldn’t match. Some do take me a bit longer than others but I blend in window very well. Thanks for reading and have a groovy day!
kirk Giordano plastering

Stucco Resin Wood Lath in San Leandro


Hello folks, my name is Kirk. I am the owner and applicator of Kirk Giordano Plastering and I have been working in the plastering trade in the bay area for over 25 years. When I started I saw plastering as an art, and it has always been a labor of love for me. I first entered the plastering business in 1982 with the union apprenticeship program. Within a year, I was already at a skill level equal to some journeymen. I very quickly developed my skills because of the love for my craft. I view my work as more than just a trade, I also have fun. I enjoy creating things, either through improving homes or entering sand-building contests with my kids.

Leaking Gable Wall Tear Off and re-installing New Stucco

We are a plastering company or service located in Alameda, next door to Oakland, ca. We specialize in stucco remodels, Plastering additions, stucco repairs. New stucco finishes matching your existing finish or just stucco patch repairs.

Stucco Chimney Flashing and Repairing Stucco Walls

We are a plastering company or service located in Alameda, next door to Oakland, ca. We specialize in stucco remodels, Plastering additions, stucco repairs. New stucco finishes matching your existing finish or just stucco patch repairs.

Alameda Re-color Coat plastering Stucco Repairs

Plaster over old homes, additions, bricks, CMU blocks you name it we do it.

I say material knowledge is 70% of being a well-rounded stucco plastering company or stucco service provider.
The other 30% is application.

For this stucco base-coat, in the above video, I chose 690 BMI reinforced fibered cement plaster.

Howdy all you ambitious guys and gals, Jason” my Son” and I have another tip of the week for you homeowners who wish to learn
not only how to repair and or fix your biggest investment and source of pleasure, your home, and have fun while completing these simpler than you think plaster or stucco repairs.

If you’re like me and think while in your own wonderful home, I’d like to tear this wall down for more space or I’m going to build or improvise this area to provide cool or new comfort to your lifestyle. This is the site to learn at least all the stucco and plastering repairs of your desires.
I imagined a large room with zip lines going from one wall to another for my kids to learn to walk on their hands while their legs were supported, for the heck of it.
Why, Because it was my house and I was not limited to anything, nor lack of imagination.
The walls I have built or moved are sort of like the guy in the iron man movie, If I imagined any idea no matter how untraditional or weird to some, I built it, “Thus” so can you.

I titled this video, “What’s The Right Stucco for you” because naturally if you ask 20 different stucco guys what they would skim coat this home with you will more than likely get 20 different answers.

I personally would have chosen this same stucco system if this were my own home, after more than 30 years of applying possibly every stucco system available.
There are many more reasons to use this particular BMI 690 cement reinforced fibered plaster material such as skim coating, bricks, or cinderblocks, or for the process of changing one heavy exterior stucco texture into one that’s very smooth, this material is perfect for this reason as the sand is finer and applies like whipping cream.
Of course, new construction over exterior sheathing with paper and wire is common too.

Stucco, Render, and or Plastering simply takes a bit of attention, mixed with interest and incentives then you too can connect the dots in understanding the basic principles and techniques of installing stucco and or plaster and possibly realizing what extremely simple methods are available for you to use, this knows how can be used to save you a few bucks. This information will help you to realize what extremely simple methods are available for you to use, this know-how can be used to save you a few bucks.
Plus, if you do the work yourself your physical efforts will help create a sense of euphoria which provides a peaceful night’s sleep knowing, “Yes” I did these simple repairs myself.
What more does a righteous person desire? Surely the thought of sitting under a coconut tree in the Bahamas with your feet in the warm sand while sipping margarita’s with tiny umbrellas can’t be more rewarding than understanding lath and plaster?

The 690 BMI reinforced fibered cement plaster is perfect for new homes especially as it’s a combination of extremely strong and fast setting portland cement with lime added, lime provides a bit more flexibility which the average contractor is no longer aware of as it been phased out in the last 50 years as most folks no longer understand the importance

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Oakland Museum Stucco Application

Stucco Crack Repair, La Habra Color Coat Finishes, Plaster Textures

Howdy folks, these photos show my crew and I applying a LaHabra color coat maintenance-free finish to this beautiful home. The homeowners changed about 15 windows. We did all the stucco patchwork and then applied the color finish. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
kirk Giordano Plastering