stucco applications

apply new stucco to newly installed windows and doors.

Howdy folks, the owner of this property installed about 20 new Pella windows and a couple of new doors. Our job was to re stucco around the areas and waterproof the walls. We also matched the existing stucco texture finish for this fellow to paint the house without noticing the patchwork.
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3 coat stucco systems.

Acrylic Stucco, Acrylic color coat finish

Howdy folks, in these pictures it shows step by step applications of a stucco acrylic finish coat being applied. We did the complete home more than 15 years ago, and then returned 10 years later after a new foundation was installed. We again applied a new stucco system to the lower perimeter of the home. In these pictures we are now applying an acrylic stucco finish to the new garage, so it matches the color and texture of the home.
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Kirk Giordano plastering

Stucco room Addition, stucco remodel

New Stucco home, re-plaster existing stucco home

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