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Stucco porch Repair

Peeling Paint on House, New stucco system to existing home

Plastering and stucco Repair

Termite Damage, wood rot repair, Plaster Repair, repair stucco

Howdy guys, this stucco project shows before, during and after, the complete process of a two coat stucco system with proper lath techniques. Thank you for reading and have a groovy day!
kirk Giordano Plastering

new Color Coat over painted stucco, new color finish

exterior stucco applications, fix leaking stucco

acrylic stucco, Parex acrylic, Alta Building supply, Dry-Vit stucco

Color Coat, La HaBra color finish, Parex stucco Finish

LaHabra Santa Barbara Mission Finish

Oakland Sliding Door stucco repair